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Intership with International Translation Company in Santa Monica in California USA, Intership with International Translation Company [90401 Santa Monica] sur japon.enligne-int.com

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Intership with International Translation Company

We are a leading language company in Southern California, providing translations, interpretations and related multilingual services in more than 100 languages!!! We have immediate openings for full-time internships in our offices in Santa Monica, California. The internships are available for educated persons who speak major languages, such as Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese or Arabic. Qualified candidates should be proficient in at least one of these languages, and also be fluent in English.This is a great opportunity for students, from the US or from foreign countries, who wish to learn about the American business culture in general, and about all aspects of an established translation company in particular. Our interns acquire hands-on experience in translations, project management and communications/marketing, with an emphasis on the areas they are especially interested, qualified or talented in.The atmosphere in our offices may be described as an intense, yet friendly, collegiate, and international working atmosphere.At the end of the internship you will receive a Certificate and a Letter of Recommendation. The internship may lead to a part-time or full-time in-house or free-lance position for qualified candidates.If you wish to apply for this in-house position, follow these steps:1: E-mail your résumé. Make sure you indicate that you are applying for an internship.2: We will contact you via e-mail to give you access to additional information about this position through our special link.3: Only after you have sent your résumé and familiarized yourself with the additional information, we will schedule an interview.THANK YOU FOR YOUR APPLICATION!

Pays sous le droit duquel le contrat de stage sera signé : États-Unis

Temps de travail : Temps plein

Période :

Durée : 3 to 6 months

Lieu du stage
90401 Santa Monica (us) - California

Caractéristiques du candidat idéal :

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